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17 June 2013
Calendar July 2013
10 May 2012
Sport activities at Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA *****
09 November 2011
New Year at Irish pub O'Brians, Pirin Golf
27 August 2011
Peugeot RCZ Cup at Pirin Golf & Country Club
16 July 2011
Presirents' cup at Pirin Golf & Country Club
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Managing & Cleaning



Communal areas

St. Ivan & Property management employs qualified personnel of technicians, janitors gardeners, and security, ensures the support and the cleaning of the property as well as 24  hours security as follows:


Cleaning & maintenance of the communal places for common uses in the complex, including communal areas in the building (corridors, stair case, landings):

  • Cleaning of the communal areas sweeping, mopping, windows cleaning, dust wiping etc;
  • Organization of garbage removal;
  • Removal of industrial garbage;


Maintenance for the green areas, children grounds, alleys and parking lots:

  • Cleaning of the sheltered parking lot;
  • Snow cleaning of the alleys to the buildings and to the parking lots;
  • Maintenance and shaping of the green areas;
  • Cleaning the leafs;
  • Removing the mowed grass;
  • Sowing and re-sowing damaged grass surfaces;
  • Digging the  plants;
  • Care for the vegetation in the winter;


Providing technician support for the installations:

  • Maintenance and control of all networks and systems- water main, sewerage, telephone, intercom and anti-fire;


Standard repairs occurred after normal use of the building (not exceeding 100levs per month).


Organizing and realization of security twenty-four-hour and all year-round:

  • Kind police control for the access of outsiders to the complex;
  • Twenty-four-hour, year round security with electronic security system and live guards;
  • Twenty-four-hour connection with the police-SOD, with panic button;
  • Support for preventing conflicts in case of need;
  • Opportunity to assemble an individual observant and notification system;
  • Receiving of parcels for the residents according to their instructions;
  • Self keeping of the parcels until being personally delivered to the owner.


Payment of electricity and water supply bills for the communal green areas and alleys year round.


Connection with the owners. Notification in case of break-downs in owners apartments.

Personal lodging

For owners who rarely visit their property and dont rent it out, we offer service which will facilitate them.

This means maintenance of the apartment and control, which includes:


Visit of the property in which:

  • We check for moisture and leak .We also check for electricity damages and household devices, windows, doors, locking system etc.
  • We perform cleaning which includes vacuum cleaning, dust wiping, and garbage removal.


Main cleaning- twice a year including:

  • Vacuum-cleaning and airing;
  • Dust wiping;
  • Furnish washing, upholstery, flooring and carpets;
  • Household devices cleaning;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the sanitary areas;


The services are provided only after preliminary request from the owner.


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