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17 June 2013
Calendar July 2013
10 May 2012
Sport activities at Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA *****
09 November 2011
New Year at Irish pub O'Brians, Pirin Golf
27 August 2011
Peugeot RCZ Cup at Pirin Golf & Country Club
16 July 2011
Presirents' cup at Pirin Golf & Country Club
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Additional Services



Our qualified personnel will offer the following services to you:


          Organization and payment of the expenses to third parties suppliers (water and electricity bills, cable TV and others);

          Mediation in insurance contract signing for your property;

          Organization of the papers for categorization, license  and other papers required by the law for renting  your apartment for short or long period of time;

          Organization and payment of the annual garbage and building taxes;

          Meeting the guests at the airport with the companys transportation, or arranging a rent-a-car and taxi service.

          Organization, accounting, safekeeping and support of all type of paperwork, invoices, payment documents, documents from suppliers, agents, local and tax administration and others;

          Acts as a representative of the owner, prospecting his rights in front of suppliers,agents.

          Local and tax administration, tenants and other.



          For the legal functioning and service of the property, it is necessary that your property possesses Certificate N16 and permit for use. For this purpose, a procedure for issuing of such should be initiated. The procedure requires organization, filling out some papers and submitting them to different state institutions and departments.

          Should you like to rent the property for a short or long period of time, you should need a permit for this type of service.

          Other than this, in the case of renting it out, it should be furnished according to the law requirements, following the standard of categorization.

          If requested, a sample specification of furnished apartment may be presented to you. The complex is in cooperation with companies offering standard packages in accordance with the requirements already mention.)

          Important peculiarity is the support of the shared areas of the property and its gardens, pools, play grounds and parking lots. They should be entirely completed, in perfect condition and regularly cleaned up.

          When renting out the property for short periods of time, necessary requirement is that the property is cleaned up on a regular bases, refreshed, sheets to be changed and washed couple of times per week.  These actions aim to make the stay of the tenants relaxing and pleasant.

          Important requirement for the legal services and management of your property is that it is registered at the Regional Income Tax Office. The annual property and garbage removal tax should be paid as well. According to Bulgarian legislation, the owners pay income tax for the income received from rent.

          For the safe services of your property, you should have insurance coverage for fire and natural disaster and  Property Damage. Compensation according to this insurance coverage is given for damages  (including damages and/or expenses) of the insured property, represented as direct result from:  Fire, explosion, hailstorm, flood, landslide or collapse of earth layers, earthquake, as well as bad  intentional acts of third parties.



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